Integrated Contracts

Pelleting Consumables Contract.

This is a tailor made solution for each customer. The contract can include new dies, refurbished dies, refurbished roll assemblies, beaters and screens, conditioner parts, press maintenance, press parts or any other related pelleting consumables as required.

The objectives of this concept:

  • It benchmarks customers' pelleting consumables costs
  • No budgetary constraints
  • Costs are fixed for a period of one to three years
  • Flexibility to alter die specifications
  • You only pay for what you produce

Roll Assemblies Fixed Price Contract

This contract covers the supply of Refurbished Roll assemblies and the following parts:

  • New Shells
  • Disassembly/Reassembly and Greasing Cleaning and Inspection of all parts   
  • Bearing replaced with premium quality bearings when necessary
  • Cover plate replaced when necessary
  • Seals replaced when necessary
  • Circlips replaced when necessary
  • Shaft replaced when necessary
  • Numbering of roll assemblies for monitoring of wear
  • Report on findings and review performance

This contract gives our customers a fixed cost for refurbishing roll assemblies and enables CFE to monitor performance with the customer to reduce the overall costs.

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