Die & Roll Refurbishing. (Visit the Haydock Factory at Bottom of Page)

Roll Assembly Refurbishing 

Roll Refurbishing involves dismantling and rebuilding used roll assemblies. CFE has invested in semi-automated equipment, which includes 150 and 100 tonne presses, purpose-built manipulators and an automatic washer with conveyor. This labour-saving investment has created efficiencies and enhances the quality of our product

  1. All roll assemblies are checked in at Haydock and are allocated a job card
  2. All roll assemblies, not individually identified will be numbered in order to monitor performance and history
  3. Strip down the assembly and carry out a pre wash inspection of all components
  4. Components are washed using a cleaner and degreaser solutions in CFE’s Techno Wash for 10 minutes at 85-90 degrees centigrade
  5. All components are inspected again and wearing parts will be replaced with OEM components and quality bearing, as required to ensure maximum life of the roll assembly
  6. Rolls are assembled, correctly tensioned and fully greased
  7. Final quality check before despatch


  • Ability to handle largest roll assemblies with confidence
  • Roll assemblies are protected when handled during refurbishing process
  • Efficient cleaning allows better inspection and improves product quality
  • Prompt turnaround service
  • Improved roller performance

Die Refurbishing 

Die Refurbishing entails unblocking the holes, machining the die face, and countersinking. CFE have invested in automated equipment to do this, which includes a water jet operating at up to 15,000 PSI, two CNC grinders to machining the die face and two countersinking machines. Tramp metal and broken studs removed as part of die refurbishing process. This investment enables us to give our customer a fast turnaround and value for money.


  • Maintains die integrity for optimum pelleting efficiency
  • Even die surface for perfect alignment with roll assemblies
  • CNC countersinking ensures even angle and depth to maximise throughput of refurbished dies
  • Reduced energy consumption of pellet press
  • Quality assured every time refurbished

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