Consumables and Lubricants

Beaters and Screens

CFE supply Beaters and Screens for all makes of grinders. We offer Beaters balanced individually or in sets. These are manufactured from high quality steel and are hardened to maximise life. Our Screens have a high open area or standard open area.

Lubricants-CFE Can Now Offer Added Safety in the Food Chain

CFE supply the full range of Petro-Canada's "Food Safe" lubricants to deliver outstanding lubricant solutions resulting in lower maintenance costs as well as providing added safety in the food chain. 

        Petro-Canada starts with the patented HT Purity Process to produce 99.9% pure base oils.

                This results in a range of lubrticants that deliver maximum performance and added food safety

             Non Toxic Base Oil – ISO 220                                               

             Finest additives                                                                                        

             High Base Oil Viscosity                                                     

             Premium Performance Lubricants                                 

             Wide range of operating temperatures and conditions

             Wide range of appplications                     


                                                             Start with 99.9% Purity       

                                                         Run with 100% Confidence

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