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Miscellaneous Equipment for Sale

CFE supply a comprehensive range of miscellaneous equipment for pelleting production, if there a specific piece of equipment that is not listed please contact us.

Factory Refurbished PTN BOA Compactor, Model 700 x 1500 complete with:

  • 200KW ABB Motor
  • 2 Complete Refurbished Roll Assemblies (6)
  • All Bearings checked and replaced as necessary
  • New Paddles, Scrapers and Deflectors
  • New Friction Rings
  • All components checked and replaces as necessary
  • 50kg Greasing system
  • Sand Blasted and Painted

Geelen Counter flow box cooler 1.4 x 1.4 with:

  • Inlet Rotary Valve
  • Swivel valve discharge
  • Side Inspection Door
  • Bottom hopper
  • Level probes
  • Fan
  • Excellent Condition

Webster Griffin High speed, heavy duty IBC filling & weighing machine Type: IBC-PF2 with Avery L116 indicator complete with:

  • One section of electrical powered roller conveyor at weighing station, one section of gravity roller conveyor
  • IBC filler mounted on Webster Griffin loadcell weighing platform
  • Control cabinet
  • Product filling spout complete with inflatable spout sleeve
  • Empty bag inflation system with fan and pneumatically operated butterfly valves to control air flow

1996 GEA Scan-Vibro vibration sifter

  • Closed design
  • Inspection covers at in- and outlet
  • Equipped with 2 vibration motors
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Single screen deck

Mogensen Vibratory Sieve Model-E0524:

  • Single vibration motor
  • Top cover
  • Inspection bung
  • Spreader
  • Mesh cleaner
  • Screen cloth

1977 Buhler DLFU Laboratory Press


  • For producing milled grain samples for analysis (water content, protein determination, etc.)
  • For all common laboratory analyses of grain products  with a maximum water content of 20% and a maximum  particle size of 6 mm
  • Predominantly used in breweries and malting operations for producing coarse and fine grist samples for malt or unmalted  grain analyses

Miscellaneous Electrical Motors

  • WEG Motor. 110kW 50Hz. 1480rpm @ 380V 1485rpm @ 400V
  • Brook Crompton Parkinson Motor. 50Hz 1475rpm. 165kW
  • Brook Crompton Motor 200kW
  • 75kw 1500 rpm motor
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