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Cost Per Tonne

At CFE Group we are dedicated to making pelleting a simple and more efficient process and to enhancing the profitability of our customers. We work in partnership with our customers to overcome the wide variety of problems that may be encountered throughout the pelleting process by sharing knowledge and experience to improve each step in the process.

CFE Group has developed an innovative concept, the Cost Per Tonne Contract (CPT), that allows customers to benchmark consumable costs against production creating clarity on production costs per tonne.

One of the principal merits of the CFE concepts comes in the free consultancy service provided by our team of experienced professionals. We can offer consultancy in all aspects of the compounding process. We have a wide network within the industry which is capable of attaining solutions for virtually all queries that may arise.

To gain a greater understanding of your business and to recognise the key elements that are important to you, we provide a Cost per Tonne Questionnaire as part of consultancy service to capture the insight to help support your business.

Key benefits for contract customers:

Straight line costs
No budgetary constraints
Only pay for what you produce
Costs fixed for contract period
Flexibility to trial and change die specifications
A partner who is invested in improving performance and efficiency
Free consultancy services
Single supplier therefore reduced resource for pricing individual units
Quarterly performance reports



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