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CFE provides heat treatment technologies and equipment for feed milling industries. The Hygienisers supplied from CPM Europe help you to meet the highest hygiene standards. The challenge in feed milling industries is to handle many different ingredients at an industrial scale, bearing the food safety in mind. You select the best ingredients to mix the exact required diet for your customers. We take this well-balanced diet and turn it into safe food by providing precise heat treatment. This means heating the food to the required temperature and providing means to cook the material exactly as long as needed. The safe food is then shaped into pellets or send directly to our food-grade cooler and drier. After cooling and drying, the animal food is transported to your storage where it must be safeguarded against any other contamination sources. Our experienced team at CFE can ensure that the equipment is tailor-made for every situation.

Features & Benefits of the CPM Hygienisers

CPM Hygienisers

Hot Start Mixer

  • First product that evacuates the mixer is already heated to the required temperature
  • Can now be achieved without using any by-pass valves, slides or rotary product locks
  • Makes it possible to apply a mixer which stays perfectly clean after each production batch

Pellet & Mill Cooler

  • Dries and cools the food to achieve the required storage temperature and moisture content
  • Special cooling decks allow pellets and mesh feed handling in the same machine
  • Single production suitable for both pellet- and mesh food
  • Air intake flange allows an effective connection with our air intake filter
  • All cooler and cooler aspi

Residue Cleaning

  • Finest residues are taken away by our automated cleaning system
  • By redirecting the cooler aspiration system, also the smallest dust particles are removed from the heat-treat equipment


  • Provides the means to cook the feed exactly as long as needed
  • Here the mixed ingredients are turned into safe food
  • Special construction details ensure a clean machine after each production batch

Cooler Air Filtration

  • Ensures the heat-treated food is cooled and dried by clean air
  • The first stage filtering is done by a special bag filter to provide a long service life of the second stage micro filter
  • The modular filter design allows optimum sizing for your cooler air requirement

For information, stock availability and a quotation please contact us by email
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