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CFE supply the full range of Petro-Canada's "Food Safe" lubricants to deliver outstanding lubricant solutions resulting in lower maintenance costs as well as providing added safety in the food chain.

Petro-Canada starts with the patented HT Purity Process to produce 99.9% pure base oils. This results in a range of lubricants that deliver maximum performance and added food safety
Non Toxic Base Oil – ISO 220
High Base Oil Viscosity
Wide range of operating temperatures and conditions
Finest additives
Premium Performance Lubricants
Wide range of applications
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Start with 99.9% Purity

Run with 100% Confidence

Benefits of Petro-Canada Lubricants:

Added safety in the food chain
Innovative products that deliver outstanding lubricant solutions
Cost savings through lower maintenance costs
Excellent load carrying capacity
Environmentally acceptable
Protects feed manufacturer’s reputation
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