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Feed Compounder Editorial Feature: CFE Group grows CPM business in the UK and Ireland

CFE has seen exponential growth in the CPM brand since it was awarded the exclusive agency in Ireland and the UK in September 2013. CFE has delivered 34 machines units into the market in this period and has a very strong pipeline going into 2018. Con Lynch sees the drivers for growth coming from legislation on hygienic food production and growing demand for increased throughput in ruminant food production.

The up-scaling of the dairy herd in Ireland means that the Irish market is near capacity in the peak months of March and April. Con sees reduction of kilowatt per tonne as the other key driver across the UK and Ireland and believes that the best way to achieve a reduction is to increase throughput of lines and maximise machine uptime. CPM’s Lineator and Roll Slip Measurement will deliver continuous running time and its direct drive motor, for which CPM are the world market leaders, will deliver a 6% to 7% more efficient performance than its belt equivalents.

Eugene Woodbyrne, Enterprise Manager, Glanbia had this to say:

“We have been working with CPM now for over a decade. We find their presses to be very well designed, well-engineered and very robust. Our experience shows that CPM presses can be relied on to produce good quality pellets at high throughput rates and efficient energy consumption. Our Operators find them easy to work with and CFE provides excellent after sales support regarding spare parts availability and servicing”

Principally CFE’s core equipment business is focused on two areas of pellet production: hygienised feed and ruminant feed. The company has a very strong pipeline in these areas. Ever mindful of the need to deliver business value to its customers, CFE has benchmarked itself to provide a solution for customers that will maximise machine up time and increase throughput to achieve 15 to 20 tonnes per hour on ruminant and 20 to 25 tonnes per hour on poultry with the best possible kilowatt performance per tonne.

Of CFE Group, Erik De Graaff, Commerical Director, CPM Europe BV said “CPM is delighted with the performance of CFE Group as their agents and very pleased that the past two and a half years has seen increased sales of new CPM equipment throughout the UK and Ireland. We have enormous confidence in CFE’s business model, which is highly regarded in this industry and we greatly value CFE’s reliability in providing a local presence for our much appreciated customers”.

Since inception, CFE Group’s goal has been to be the mentor that customers want to do business with. It has developed, won and expanded business on the ethos of trust- based relationships, providing tailor made valued and sustainable solutions to customers. Offering a complete support package, CFE’s Cost per Tonne (CPT) system is designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer. This service is an inclusive package built on a partnership where CFE, bringing experience, expertise, reliability, quality and product excellence to the customer table, guarantees best value on cost of ownership.

In the words of Henry Ford: ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success’ Working on this basis, CFE Group champions partnership and excellence in practice and performance.

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